Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not Just Music in media but companies to

Look at this Nissan commericial. This is definitely like brainwashing you and conditioning you.
I am guessing the all seeing eye will be a symbol of the New World Order.

Also the green message is also a major agenda from the NWO. Here comes the conditioning.

Gaga Illuminati All seeing eye

Toby Mac Illuminati????????

I am so incredibly disturbed at what I am seeing in music industry. Being a huge music fan myself, it seems like the biggest and the best are following the god of this age. I used to laugh at this stuff and think it was hokey and dorky. Devil music? Yeah Right. What you could tell with bands is where they stood on things. Like Slayer or Marilyn Manson. Not my favorites at all. But I at least I knew where they stand. Many big artists are using deceptive brainwashing techniques to promote the god of this age lucifer. Even in many interviews Slayer said what they do is a gimmick. But there are so many now promoting the ALL SEEING EYE. Kanye West and Katie Perry have some of the most darkest tactics I have ever seen.

But what really surprises me, is there are also a few Christian
artists appearing to have the same trend. Now I want to be
careful not to judge Toby Mac. Before I outright accuse him
of anything, I would like to know where he stands all I know
on one of his recent albums he mentions "Illuminati comin
through". Toby Mac seems to have gotten a lot of heat as well
hate sites dedicated to this subject. His response I will say is
so lame. " Well illuminati just means illuminated ones".
Considering the crap thats going on in the music industry
and where our world is heading. My advice to Toby Mac
is dumb answer and this sounds to me like the usually
rhetoric these artists say when asked if they are illuminati.

Big artists deny such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West. What's really sad is that Beyonce, Katy Perry and Kanye West were all professed Christians. Just Google their beliefs for yourself. I have to say the imagery in Toby Macs album cover is Satanic and definitely illuminati. I am hoping this is not a known decsion on Toby Macs part but maybe what his record label is pushing. Either way Toby must put a stop to this and come out and speak against this movement, otherwise It will look like he is one of them.

Notice in the image above. One eye is showing and he has his hand covering
his heart. This has the appearance of dedication to the illuminati. Again
he could be directed to do this by photographers or his record company.
However he needs to wake up. More Christians need to ask what he is doing.

The other picture is the all seeing eye. Also specifically diversity is one
of the messaging words illuminati use for acceptance such as accepting
religions sexual natures etc etc. Diversity is one of their imaging words
they use again this could be directed by record labels however this is very
dark. Toby please wake up.

Toby stop taking pictures with one eye bro it's satanic illuminati crap. I know Jay Z
and Kanye do it. You are above this imagery and appearance of evil.